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Visit the Alaska Sealife Center

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At the end of the Seward Highway, on the shores of Resurrection Bay,  stands the Alaska Sealife Center. Part aquarium, part rehabilitation center for injured or ill marine mammals, this facility is a popular stop for both visitors and locals alike. Biologists come here from all over the world to learn more about the habitats and issues facing much of Alaska’s sea life. The information learned here is invaluable to the understanding of the oceans.

Due to recent events with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Alaska Sealife Center has taken a huge hit with visitor numbers down. This non-profit facility relies on funds that come from tourist revenue, as well as donations. But because of Covid-19, this amazing facility has been closed for 2 months. This combined with a lack of summer visitors and travel restrictions has taken a toll on the Alaska Sealife Center and may impact its future in the Seward community.  If you are visiting Seward this summer consider supporting this extremely important place that conducts important research all while helping local marine wildlife.

After a visit to support the Alaska Sealife Center, you’ll want to see and explore more of what this quintessential Alaskan town has to offer, and there is a lot! With nearby Kenai Fjords National Park, wildlife boat tours, fishing charters, shops, and much more, you’ll definitely want to stay for a 3, 4, or 5-night stay.

At Seward Hospitality Group, we own and operate 3 comfortable downtown hotels that are the perfect place to rest up for your next adventure. If you are looking for a place to fuel-up we just happen to also own 6 restaurants throughout Seward. If you are looking for the ultimate Alaskan vacation, book your stay today!

5 incredible reasons the alaska sealife center is worth a visit this summer5 Reasons to visit the Alaska Sealife Center

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected much of Alaska’s businesses and organizations that rely on tourist visits and donations, especially during the summer months. The Alaska Sealife Center plays an important role in the understanding of the oceans and issues that affect it. Now, more than ever is the time for public support of this amazing facility. Here are 5 reasons why a visit to the Alaska Sealife Center is worth a stop.

  1. The Alaska Sealife Center is an aquarium, but it’s not the aquarium that many are accustomed to. No animals or birds perform for guests here. Each animal is cared for by keepers and biologists who perform regular check-ups. Visitors are privy to this behind-the-scenes look at a working rehabilitation facility.
  2.  Alaska Sealife Center is offering 2 behind the scenes tours the summer of 2020 where you get to work with staff as you learn about marine animals and their important roles in the ecosystem.
  3. Wandering the interesting exhibits is always informative and fun at Alaska Sealife Center. Children love hands-on learning and easy viewing tanks.
  4. The Alaska Sealife Center is located in a beautiful spot offering gorgeous views of Resurrection Bay. Step outside onto the viewing deck and listen to the sounds of gulls and lions.
  5. A big reason to support the Alaska Sealife Center is that this facility has played a huge role in Alaska’s science education system. This remarkable place has provided educational opportunities for students from all over the state. This non-profit has been an irreplaceable part of children’s understanding of the importance of issues that affect marine wildlife, climate change, and more.

It’s important to note that the center will limit the number of guests each day. Online reservations are highly recommended and all guests over the age of 4 years old are required to wear face coverings. This keeps the staff safe, which then keeps the animals safe. Win! Win!

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