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Seward Alaska Fishing Charters
By Puffin Charters

Seward, Alaska

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Join us, the Puffin Fishing Charters crew, for the ultimate Alaska fishing adventure of a lifetime!

“Enjoy your day with us for Spectacular Scenery & Wildlife, Alaska Fishing You Will Never Forget & An Experienced Personable Crew”

Captn Nate

We design our Halibut, Salmon Multispecies trips depending on what species are available with Halibut on the menu through the entire season. We offer 5 types of fishing trips with specific packages below.


May & June

  • Full day King Salmon/Halibut trips
  • Full day King Salmon/Rockfish trips
  • Full day Halibut/Rockfish trips
  • Full day Pacific Cod/Rockfish trips

July, August & September

  • Full day Halibut/Salmon trips
  • Full day Silver Salmon/Rockfish trips
  • Full day Halibut/Rockfish trips
  • Full day Pacific Cod/Rockfish trips

Choose your Alaska Fishing Charter package!


Why choose Puffin Fishing Charters?

a man holding a fish on a boat in the water

We know where the fish are!

Our crew has been guiding Alaska Salmon and Halibut fishing charters out of Seward, Alaska for more than 25 years. We know where the fish are! With our captains having the combined experience of nearly 50 years, Puffin Fishing Charters is proud to say that we have the best and most experienced captains in the Seward charter fleet. All of our crew members are personable, are incredible fishermen, and have a high regard for seamanship, with safety always a priority.

“Experience makes the difference!”


“Thanks for a terrific Experience, we will always remember it!”
Ronnie D., Chicago, IL

Our boats are fast – less time running means more time fishing!

Our custom-built 36-foot sport charter boats were designed with your comfort and safety in mind. Our vessels feature expansive rear decks with the capacity to fish around their entire perimeters, providing plenty of room for everyone.

Comfortable, heated cabins feature marine suspension seating throughout, providing a warm, comfortable ride for everyone, not just the captain.

Our captains are US Coast Guard-licensed and have First Aid and CPR certifications. Our fully-insured vessels have undergone extensive dockside and on-the-water inspections and safety drills conducted by the U.S. Coast Guard.

a small boat in a body of water with a mountain in the background

“Thank you soooo much for one of the best days of my life! You are so professional, safe ans fun”
Patty C., Eagle River

a person holding a fish in the water

“If you want the experience of a lifetime, you must sail with the crew of Puffin Fishing Charters.”
Shirley P., PA

Our top-of-the-line gear helps you hook your fish more easily and effectively.

Our experience and our boats aren’t all that set us apart. Our equipment is top-of-the-line so you can experience the best Alaska fishing experience possible.

The heavy tackle we use for bottom-fishing includes Avet reels. We spool our reels with 80# XP TUFF-LINE XP. Our reels are mounted on Seeker Alaska Series Ocean Rods.

The light tackle we use is Shimano Tekota reels. We use 30# Ande line and mount the reel on medium action Ugly Stix.

Our Garmin electronics enable us to put you on the fish and then it’s up to you to “Catch ’em up!


Alaskan Halibut/Salmon/Rockfish Fishing Trip

After decades of concentrating on a single species during our fishing trips, Puffin Fishing Charters has decided to target various combinations of fish species depending on what is available at that particular time of our fishing season. This multi-species fishing provides for a broader experience for our clients with the opportunity to bottom-fish with heavy rods and tackle seeking Halibut and other deep-sea dwellers, and to use lighter tackle to hook into some Rockfish or Salmon when those species are in the area. Combination trips also give you a “Captain’s Platter” of different fishing tastes to take home and enjoy!

Halibut is on the menu daily except on Wednesdays for the entire season. However, if a Wednesday is the only available day you are able to fish, please inquire about our GAF program that gives Puffin the exclusive ability to retain Halibut on closed days.

We design our multi-species trips depending on what species is available during the summer months with Halibut always being on the menu through the entire season.

Andrew Lapthorne et al. posing for a fish


For the ultimate breath-taking…rod-bending…light-tackle fight of a lifetime – if you have never hooked into a King Salmon, this trip is a must-do! King (Chinook) Salmon are the largest Salmon in the Pacific Ocean. King Salmon range from 15 to 60 pounds and up. We target these feeder Kings for eight to ten weeks at the beginning of the season until the Silver (Coho) Salmon start to show up.

We fish for King Salmon by trolling, with the boat moving at low speed, drawing lines through the water at different depths, dressed with lures or bait. Our captains have been fishing for Kings for several years in these waters and are dialed in to what entices these finicky feeders.

The limit for these wild ocean King Salmon is one or two per person per day, depending on the area fished.

a person holding a fish
a man holding a fish on a boat in a body of water

By early- to mid-July through August, we target Silver (Coho) Salmon and Halibut with incidental catches of Lingcod and Rockfish.

Our captains do their best to target as many species as possible during the trip, but due to time constraints, sea conditions, and the availability of certain species, most trips are dual-species.

You do have the option of designing the fishing day by reserving the boat for yourself and your guests. You have the option of securing 10, 12, or 18 seats, depending on which of our vessels you select. With an exclusive trip, you can choose how you want to spend your fishing time, including what species you want to target and how much of your day you want to spend fishing for each, availability and weather permitting.

Pacific-Cod & Rockfish/Salmon Charter

Pacific cod or “P-Cod “as we say locally is a white fish often over looked. It has recently gained popularity due to the rising costs of halibut. Through-out Alaska you see Pacific cod on more menus each year. Often cursed as an inconvenience while Halibut fishing, here at PFC we believe it is an excellent fish for table fare.

Grey Gold is the name often used in the highly regulated commercial fishery. Pacific cod is the second largest commercial groundfish catch off Alaska and virtually all of the United States.

In 2021, commercial harvest of Pacific cod totaled 330.4 million pounds, and was worth $86.5 million

Pacific Cod offer fast action and provide an excellent way to round out your freezer with healthy, delicious seafood.

We are offering these trips on the Tuesday and Wednesday’s halibut closures through-out the summer.

We will round off the day with either Rockfish or Salmon.

Salmon in July thru August.

a man holding a fish

The Alaska Silver Salmon

Alaska Silver Salmon weight approximately 8 to 12 pounds when they first arrive to resurrection Bay in late June to early July. Their ravenous feeding throughout the season pushes their weight to 15 pounds or more by late summer. These feisty, acrobatic silver bullets often dart at high speeds and leap up and out of the water only to splash back down to challenge you once again to the fight of a lifetime. We commonly get two, three, four, or more Salmon on simultaneously, though hooking a silver is only part of the battle. Getting these fish netted and into the boat before they shake your hook is an even greater challenge.

Your Day of Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing, We Typically mooch for Silver Salmon. “Mooching” is a technique where each person jigs their hook baited with a small piece of herring. When the fish bites, the hook gets set and the fight is on, You will find this is a more effective technique than troll fishing when the fish are schooled up and allows the angler to feel the bite. The catch limits for Silver Salmon is six fish per person inside Resurrection Bay and three Silvers each when caught outside the bay.

The Alaska Halibut is One Serious Fish!

Every spring, our inland waters explode with an abundance of bait fish, which attracts schools of Alaskan Halibut, ranging in size from 10 pounds to 400 pounds. These Halibut rise from ocean depths of over 1000 feet to as little as 50 feet of water in search of bait as they begin their frenzied feast. Alaska Halibut are some of the finest athletes in the sea. With no body fat and pure muscle, these rod-straining fish can exhaust you by their brute strength as they fight you back to the bottom. We invite you to try your luck, with the assistance of our highly trained crew, in landing these robust monsters.

Sport-caught Alaskan Halibut have weighed over 400 pounds. The typical fish caught on our fishing charters weigh between 15 and 50 pounds, with many fish over 100 pounds brought in daily. On

September 16, 2004, we broke our Halibut record of 269 pounds with a whopping 348-pound lunker caught on a 24-ounce jig

a man holding a fish in the water
a person holding a fish in the water

Rockfish and Lingcod fishing

During our multi-species trips, depending on the type of combination trip you booked, we always tend to get incidental catches of Rockfish and Lingcod. There are several different Rockfish species and their season is open throughout the summer. Lingcod and Yellow Eye rockfish cannot be retained until their season opens on July 1. You are allowed to retain one Lingcod and three Rockfish, only one rockfish can be nonpelagic. Like Rockfish, Lingcod are also susceptible to overharvesting. Lingcod fishing is also restricted to waters outside Resurrection Bay and only to fish greater than 35 inches in length. The limit for Lingcod is one per person per day in the Gulf of Alaska.

Unless you reserve the full boat for an exclusive trip, we currently do not specifically target Lingcod. Due to stock-depletion evident in the past couple of seasons, we are taking a hiatus from directly harvesting Lingcod as part of our daily trips until we see stocks rebound. However, we still retain Lingcod as incidental catches.

Great Fishing Charter!

Captain Garret and deckhand Corbin were awesome! The weather was terrible and the seas were rough, but we were still able to fish for a short time and brought home a few slivers and halibut. One client didn't have rain gear, and Garret offered his rain pants so he wouldn't get soaked as well as helping the client obtain a fishing license before we left. Puffin Fishing Charts also refunded part of our fee, even though we had a short trip due to the weather. I would highly recommend Puffin Fishing Charters and will go fishing with them again.

– Michelle C Michelle C - TripAdvisor
Fantastic fishing

We had a great time fishing and they put us on the fish! Our captain and deck hand we’re very helpful and personable. Would highly recommend their charter

– clabs1 - TripAdvisor
Thumbs up puffin charters.

Did a full day trip with off shore hunter crew. Everyone limited out fishing for salmon, cod and Rockies. Guys knew where to fish and also allowed time for some site seeing. Most impressed with the crews ethics towards keeping the oceans clean and preserving the Alaskan fisheries. The crew works hard and their passion shows.

– Dave N - TripAdvisor
Outstanding fishing charter

Excellent day with Capt Nate and crew. Everyone limited out on King Salmon in less than an hour. He knew just the spot for some big Halibut and also small. Never a dull moment on the fishing poles. Everyone got their 2 halibut. Even had to throw some back. Good boat. Excellent crew service and filleting.

– Maura - TripAdvisor
Truly the best!

I traveled from the east coast to go fishing and had an absolute blast!! I highly recommend Puffin Charters. Their staff was nice, provided all the equipment, bait, guidance and just a great time on the water. Leslie and her team/boats are on my recommendations list!!

– Jamilia - TripAdvisor