Seward Hospitality Group had humble beginnings when third generation Alaskan owner first purchased the Railway Cantina in 2007. Through years of hard work and a goal focusing on consolidating business growth in Seward, Alaska, the Seward Hospitality Group has steadily increased acquisitions, becoming a major presence in Seward, Alaska. Seward Hospitality Group now operates six restaurants and three hotels all within the presence of Resurrection Bay and Seward.

Seward Hospitality Group has re-invested in the local community with substantial donations to support the Mt. Marathon race, Silver Salmon Derby, Halibut Derby, Alaska Sealife Center, Seward Animal Shelter, Seward Bike Park, Seward Ice Rink and Multipurpose Building, and local youth sports.

The Seward Hospitality Group Family:

  • Dining Establishments
    • Sea Salt Alaskan Bar & Grill
    • Chattermark Restaurant
    • Alaska Seafood Grill
    • Railway Cantina
    • Gulf of Alaska Crab Shack & Seafood (aka The Crab Shack)
    • Klondike Pizzeria
  • Lodging Establishments
    • Van Gilder Hotel
    • Murphy’s Alaskan Inn
    • Marina Motel

“We believe in hard work and re-investing in the growth of your business and the Community.”

Mission and Vision Statement

Seward Hospitality Group Mission

Our mission is to provide a place for those looking to see and explore all the beauty that Alaska has to offer while offering employees, guest, and friends a place to feel welcomed and feel like family. Whether it be through scenic tours, or amazing fine dining and fast-casual options, we strive to deliver the best! Welcome to Seward!

Seward Hospitality Group Vision

Our vision is the become the premiere company for amazing, and local food, superb hospitality, and service that is unparalleled. We want every guest and employee to feel like family, because to us, they really are!

Our Core Values

Kick butt and take names.  No matter what task you are doing, achieve it as fast and as well as you can, then move on to the next.  Be confident that you can overcome any challenge that comes your way!

Our guests make it possible for us to have the jobs we have and live the lives we live. Take every chance to thank them and treat them like you would your own family members.

You have to be happy in what you do! Spread the energy, smile, and see how contagious happiness can be.  Laugh in the face of stress, and have fun kicking its butt!

Have “response-ability”: the ability to control how you respond.  Be aware of the connection between your inner and outer world and the choices you make. You control your own destiny, and when you see that you’re in control of that, the World opens in an amazing way.

If you want more then give more. Be the change you want. Recommend things you think will help.  Do the right thing. No one ever got further in life by saying I want things to stay the same.

You have control of the decisions you make every day and the power to effect change.  Ask yourself, what did you do today to make today better than yesterday!

Be honest with your managers, your coworkers, and yourself.  Care enough to speak up about opportunities for improvement. When we are honest and real, we get real results!

Be friendly and fearless. Take the initiative to make connections. People are loyal to positive connections, and these connections are the keys to success!

The best team members have a positive influence on one another.  Strive to create harmony with each other.  Take ownership of issues and collaborate with each other to overcome challenges.  The role of the manager is to remove obstacles and enable the team to succeed.

No one is perfect, take the time to listen and learn as much as possible.  There’s always an opportunity to grow as people, employees, and managers.