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Skiing at Silverton Mountain

a man standing on top of a snow covered mountain

Silverton Mountain in Seward, Alaska is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Alaska’s backcountry in a new and exciting way! What is this way? It’s heli skiing. That’s right, heli, as in, helicopter! Heli skiing is off trail downhill skiing that is only accessed by helicopter. What’s better than skiing in a natural environment without the effort it takes to hike there?!

If you love adrenaline pumping through your veins, then this is the sport for you! A unique and unforgettable way to ski, with Silverton Mountain guides you’ll go up in a helicopter and decend down through stunning terrain. The Alaskan locations include the inland, Chugach Mountains and the coastal fjords of Seward. Silverton Mountain guides have been recognized for excellence and you are sure to not be disappointed in this awesome adventure!

At Seward Hospitality Group we offer downtown accommodations conveniently located for all your Seward adventures. We own and operate 3 cozy and comfortable hotels with everything you’ll need for your Alaskan vacation. We can recommend a delicious place to grab a bite as we also own and operate 6 restaurants and eateries in Seward. Perhaps you are arriving in an RV? Don’t worry about finding a spot to stay as we have run a quiet RV park just outside of town. With all the is to do in Seward and the surrounding areas you’ll want to to stay for 3, 4, or 5 nights with us! If you are ready to start your memorable Alaskan getaway, book your room with us today! 

skiing at Silverton Mountain

What to Expect when Skiing Silverton Mountain

Skiing Silverton Mountain in Seward is not for everyone, but if you do decide to go for this ultimate adventure, you are sure to make memories and have a great story to tell one day! Contrary to belief, heli skiing is not jumping out of a helicopter and bombing down a steep snow covered cliff. Rather, at Silverton Mountain helicopters act as lifts to bring you up into stunning terrain for an epic decent. Trained and expert guides help you determine what kind of trip you want. In small group sizes you will travel into jaw-dropping mountain scenery to ski down without all the crowds. Here are 3 reasons why skiing Silverton Mountain is an adventure you should go on!

  1. Each trip with Silverton Mountain includes 2 well-trained, attentive, and expert guides to help make your trip safe and fun. Professionalism is the highest priority at Silverton Mountain and it shows. Having 2 guides is key not only for safety but for troubleshooting, as well as making it so there are more eyes on supervision therefore providing space for you to go on more runs! When not guiding with SIlverton Mountain, you may find the guides working as licensed avalanche blaster technicians or leading trips in South America or Denali. Being in different kinds of snow conditions are what these guide love. They bring this life experience to Silverton.
  2. The location of skiing with Silverton Mountain in Seward is the most scenic of all the trips they do. The coastal fjords are right next to the ski terrain and you’ll be able to see the breathtaking Kenai Fjords National Park. On the flights to the incredible alpine locations it is common to see whales and other wildlife along the way!
  3. The way they group clients at Silverton Mountain sets them apart from any other guiding service. Those who wish to go on thisonce in a lifetime trip go through a pre-screen interview. Guides then pre-group everyone in advance of taking reservations. This allows for the best matching of groups and what everyone wants on a trip. Heli skiing is for those who have a real passion for skiing and at Silverton Mountain they hold everyone up to high standards. As a result you’ll get access to the finest black diamond skiing in the backcountry of Alaska with no pre-groomed or cut trails.

Skiing at Silverton Mountain

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