The Crab Shack

The Crab Shack

The Best Crab In Alaska!

What are we all about? One word, Crab! Come join us for lunch, dinner or both and experience your favorite combo alongside the wonderful atmosphere and mountain view.


Sea Food

Seafood Chowder
-Creamy chowder w/ local seafood. 12
Tomato Soup
-Delicious creamy tomato soup. 10
Rock Fish Po’Boy 
-Crispy Rockfish & remoulade w/ fries. 18
Catfish & Chips 
-Fried local catfish w/ fries. 18
Rockfish & Chips 
-Fried local rockfish w/ fries. 18
Halibut & Chips
-Fried local halibut w/ fries. 32

Feeling Crabby

Flavored Butters: Herb, Garlic, Mustard, Sesame, Lemon
1lb King Crab Leg
-1 pound King crab leg. 99
3lb King Legs
-Three pounds of King crab legs. 225
5lb King Legs
-Five pounds of King crab legs. 375
Crab Cakes (2)
-Two house-made crab cakes w/ sauce. 25


Fronteir Food

served with fries
Add: Cheese +1 Bacon +2
-Beef patty & LTO. 15
Cheese Burger
-Beef patty, cheese & LTO. 17
Crabcake Burger
-Crabcake & LTO. 28
Add: Cheese +1 Bacon +2
Chicken Burger
-Crispy or grilled chicken & LTO. 15
Reindeer Hot-Dog
-w/ caramelized onion & house salsa. 12


Fried Seafood Baskets
Bear Food
– Delicious local Oysters 16
– Crispy fried Calamari 19
– Delicious & crispy locally caught fried Shrimp 19



Little Fish

Ages 12 and under
Cheeseburger 15
Chicken Nuggets 10

Sweet Tooth

Ice Cream 
– 1 scoop 6
– 2 scoops 10
Brownie 2
Milkshake 10

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