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3/4 Day Non-Halibut Combo Charter

Diverse Thrills Await

Quick Details

Person - Sorceress Boat: Sorceress - 12 passengers maximum
Person - Tenacious Boat: Tenacious - 16 passengers maximum for shared groups
Book the Boat - Sorceress Boat: Sorceress - 12 passengers maximum
Book the Boat - Tenacious Boat: Tenacious - 18 passengers maximum

Explore Alaska’s Waters in Seward, AK

Pacific cod or “P-Cod “as we say locally is a white fish often over looked. It has recently gained popularity due to the rising costs of halibut. Throughout Alaska you see Pacific cod on more menus each year. Often cursed as an inconvenience while Halibut fishing, here at PFC we believe it is an excellent fish for table fare.

Grey Gold is the name often used in the highly regulated commercial fishery. Pacific cod is the second largest commercial groundfish catch off Alaska and virtually all of the United States.

In 2021, commercial harvest of Pacific cod totaled 330.4 million pounds, and was worth $86.5 million

Pacific Cod offer fast action and provide an excellent way to round out your freezer with healthy, delicious seafood.

There is currently no limit on Pacific Cod. As good stewards of the sea we need to only take what we can consume in a calendar year.

We will round off the day with either Rockfish or Salmon.

Salmon in July thru August.