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One Gaf Halibut

Land Your Trophy

Quick Details

Person - Huntress Boat: Huntress - 10 passengers maximum
Person - Offshore Hunter Boat: Offshore Hunter - 10 passengers maximum
Person - Sorceress Boat: Sorceress - 12 passengers maximum
Person - Tenacious Boat: Tenacious - 16 passengers maximum

One Gaf Halibut Adventure Awaits in Seward, AK

What is GAF fish? Guided Angler Fish is an avenue for the charter company to provide Halibut fishing on closed halibut days. The Catch Sharing Plan authorizes transfers of commercial halibut individual fishing quota (IFQ) as guided angler fish (GAF) to qualified charter halibut permit holders for harvest by charter vessel anglers in Areas 3A. The price varies from year to year based on commercial dock prices. Puffin offers these trips as a ONE halibut retention in the month of July and early August. Individuals or groups that would like to take advantage of our GAF days must contact us directly.